Advent of Code 2021: Day 1

It’s that time of year again. Houses are lit up, presents are being bought, and Michael Bublé has emerged from his hibernation to create another album of Christmas songs.

Testing out R 4.1.0

R 4.1.0 It’s been talked about for awhile, but the next big changes to R, v.4.1.0, are here! For many R users, new versions don’t make a huge amount of difference to their day to day work.

TidyTuesday - Week 11 (2021): James Bond, the Bechdel test, and adding images to ggplot.

James Bond is a bit out of touch.

TidyTuesday - Week 9, 2021: Tracking racial inequality using labour statistics

Racial income inequality is getting worse in the US

Building maps using OpenStreetMap

Maps that are fully open source!

Making beautiful tables with the `gt` package

Learning to love tables using the gt package in R.